Is Peter Dutton ‘Quite Right’?

Why is it important to ask the question? Peter Dutton is arguably the second most powerful person in Australia, after his boss, Scott Morrison. That means that we should be very mindful of his character, and his morals, his prejudices and his quirks, even his intelligence, because he, in his enormous portfolio, wields tremendous power, … Continue reading Is Peter Dutton ‘Quite Right’?

Rita Hayworth via Graham Greene

Do not cull your books - you will regret it I started to cull my books recently. As old age approaches I routinely decide that I need to gain more space, and to really get rid of what I will never get around to reading, sort of like "use it, or lose it". I noticed … Continue reading Rita Hayworth via Graham Greene

Barnaby Joyce – a faulty work in progress

Barnaby has already attained high office Many outstanding politicians are remembered for doing something special for their country, or perhaps for a lifetime of sustained effort for the country's benefit. Barnaby Joyce was named "Australia's best retail politician" by another politician - one Tony Abbott. Now that endorsement does muddy the waters somewhat, but a … Continue reading Barnaby Joyce – a faulty work in progress

Morrison finds dodgy organisation on the nose

London: The Morrison government will slash funding to the Commonwealth Secretariat in retaliation to a cronyism scandal that has sparked an international feud over the behaviour of its Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland. Reported by Bevan Shields in The Sydney Morning Herald, in what must rank as one of the greatest travesties of modern times, the Morrison Government has … Continue reading Morrison finds dodgy organisation on the nose