Footy – A Richmond Tale

Dusty mural

I have a confession to make. I was an Essendon supporter until I was fourteen. My maternal grandfather starred for Essendon in two premierships in the 1920s, so I was a 'sworn' Bomber. But then I went to the 1967 Grand Final with my father, who was a Tiger tragic. I blame the drama of … Continue reading Footy – A Richmond Tale

Melbourne’s close to success

Most Victorians are thrilled by the results obtained by lockdown, which was imposed by Daniel Andrews. You might call our original assent grudging, but it gradually morphed into gratitude, as long as the Trump-lite knuckle draggers in the Federal Government allowed us to deal with the second wave, our own way - a hard lockdown. … Continue reading Melbourne’s close to success

Morrison’s economic plans reflect his lack of life experience

While he plans to line the pockets of his mates and the wealthy with ridiculous tax-cuts, we have all read the reports that, with the cuts to Jobseeker and Jobkeeper, Morrison and his sorry acolyte Frydenburg, will be throwing millions of Australians into poverty, and even hunger. Poverty seems more palatable, pardon the pun, but … Continue reading Morrison’s economic plans reflect his lack of life experience