Government comes up short, always

Gradually Australians are coming around to the fact that governments are different now. There was a time when governments were terrified when Budget Night came around. If there was to be an increase in the price of cigarettes, or a pot of beer, there would likely be a wave of popular disgust. This form of … Continue reading Government comes up short, always

Some Coalition members want voter suppression here

Many of us in Australia are now mightily impressed with the state of our nation, especially when we compare it with our rich and powerful ally, the USA. We have managed to somehow avoid the utter chaos and devastation, which they have endured now, for close to a year, during a once in a century … Continue reading Some Coalition members want voter suppression here

Trump’s Australian fanboys

Although the US election is done and dusted, and Donald Trump now faces an uncertain future, most of the democratic world seems to have formed a consensus that the scenes in the Capitol were scandalous, and terrifying. They might still lead to criminal charges against the President; they have already caused him to be impeached, … Continue reading Trump’s Australian fanboys