The Morrison government is a sewer — No Place For Sheep

An allegation of the brutal anal rape of a child in 1988 has been made against an un-named minister in Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s cabinet.  The victim took her own life in June 2020. NSW police have confirmed that a criminal investigation into the allegation dies with the victim. Despite their knowledge that police will not investigate because the […]The … Continue reading The Morrison government is a sewer — No Place For Sheep

Rudyard Kipling – A short revisit

Rudyard Kipling stands, 85 years after his death, as a re-discovered literary giant. His re-discovery is conditional, however. He is viewed as a stunningly versatile writer, with verbal and expository skills which can still amaze us. His tone is timeless, and if read today his ability to convey exactly what he intended is remarkable. In … Continue reading Rudyard Kipling – A short revisit

What Rupert wants, Scotty gives

My public posts are now unavailable on Facebook, because the dopey Morrison Government chose to charge Facebook for linking to media websites. As far as I can see, that meant that sites such as the Guardian, the Herald Sun, and The Age, amongst others, actually benefited, free of charge, every time a FB reader clicked … Continue reading What Rupert wants, Scotty gives

Our so-called leaders in the ‘Bush Capital’

The Australian population deserves better than to have its alleged leaders re-cycling discredited ideas and conspiracy theories to anyone who will listen. Our democracy has been hijacked and our country has become more divided than ever. Our media Our newspapers are mainly owned and 'run' by a foreign citizen, whose list of favourite politicians includes … Continue reading Our so-called leaders in the ‘Bush Capital’