The greatest team in history, or just the greatest ever season?

When we talk about the history of Australian football we know that the game has been around since at least 1857. The Premiership race is younger, having being contested since 1897, and it remains the yardstick, by which success is measured. Even then the game was like a bower bird, collecting bits and pieces from … Continue reading The greatest team in history, or just the greatest ever season?

Booing Adam Goodes was disgraceful

Some perspective on our beautiful game In VFL/AFL football there is a time honoured tradition of the crowd being vocal during matches. Most of the watchers know the game, many have played the game, or aspired to do so. Many who watch, or listen, know the intricacies of the game, and how demanding and merciless … Continue reading Booing Adam Goodes was disgraceful

Team Australia-some key players

2020 has been a tough year. Let us take a look at the list, where they are at, what they have produced in 2020, and what we can expect in season 2021. I want to take a look at the players first, and leave the evaluation of the coach to last. Obviously he has a … Continue reading Team Australia-some key players

Footy – A Richmond Tale

Dusty mural

I have a confession to make. I was an Essendon supporter until I was fourteen. My maternal grandfather starred for Essendon in two premierships in the 1920s, so I was a 'sworn' Bomber. But then I went to the 1967 Grand Final with my father, who was a Tiger tragic. I blame the drama of … Continue reading Footy – A Richmond Tale