Some of the books I like

Most people who read have an inbuilt system of prejudices and fears. They might dread the thought of feminist writing, or post-modernist experiments. Others are afraid of academic writing, with a footnote being akin to an incoming arrow. These are all correct opinions, if you really hold them. But why turn what is great fun … Continue reading Some of the books I like

1921 – a short visit

1921 is now a hundred years ago. Have we learned anything in the meantime? Have those who aspire to power or wealth learned anything? Has science improved our lives, or do we make the same selfish and stupid mistakes? Are the poor better off? Were there practices and customs which have stood the test of … Continue reading 1921 – a short visit

The greatest team in history, or just the greatest ever season?

When we talk about the history of Australian football we know that the game has been around since at least 1857. The Premiership race is younger, having being contested since 1897, and it remains the yardstick, by which success is measured. Even then the game was like a bower bird, collecting bits and pieces from … Continue reading The greatest team in history, or just the greatest ever season?

Barnaby’s second coming

A short recap In February 2018 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was scheduled to go to the U.S., and he flagged that Mr Joyce would be acting Prime Minister in his absence. Unfortunately Mr Joyce was at that time embroiled in two personal crises, the first of which was the very public end of his marriage, … Continue reading Barnaby’s second coming

Morrison Government uses kids as pawns

This week we have seen the Government tie itself in knots, as it tries to find a balance between torturing children, and on the other hand, not torturing them. The situation has become so grave that the Government has called on one of its own, a former paediatrician no less, to say that being a … Continue reading Morrison Government uses kids as pawns

Booing Adam Goodes was disgraceful

Some perspective on our beautiful game In VFL/AFL football there is a time honoured tradition of the crowd being vocal during matches. Most of the watchers know the game, many have played the game, or aspired to do so. Many who watch, or listen, know the intricacies of the game, and how demanding and merciless … Continue reading Booing Adam Goodes was disgraceful

Morrison sees himself as ‘our boss’

Australians have never seen the like of this Government before, precisely because of the unlucky convergence of two unique circumstances. The first is Scott Morrison's relentless ambition, and the second is the sycophantic, supine nature of his governmental colleagues. Scott Morrison has become a scourge on this democracy. His anti-social and ideologically driven policies have … Continue reading Morrison sees himself as ‘our boss’

Nature abhors a vacuum (of leadership)

Of course we need to amend this maxim, because in the case of a seemingly all-conquering virus, nature LOVES a vacuum. The failure of leadership in Australia has been demonstrated, once again, by the mis-steps of our so-called leaders. They then exacerbate the problem by not owning their mistakes, and blindly asserting, against all the … Continue reading Nature abhors a vacuum (of leadership)

Cheap on the things that matter

Sometimes it is hard to believe the "careful money-manager" spin on Australian Federal spending. Of course it masks what looks like negligence toward other Australians, or a really nasty attitude toward those citizens who lack the political muscle, or the platform, to question some very poor policies. These decisions can really carry life-changing consequences. When … Continue reading Cheap on the things that matter

The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood-the book reviewed

Margaret AtwoodTHE HANDMAID'S TALEISBN 978-0-099-51166-3 The Handmaid's Tale is a dystopian novel, written by Margaret Attwood, and published in 1985. It is presented as a first person narrative, by an unnamed woman. She is now known only by her new name, Offred, given to her since the new regime took power. It denotes that she … Continue reading The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood-the book reviewed